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Week 5: Squash

Wow, it’s Tuesday and I’m going to get my Week 6 veggies later today. I am really behind in cooking and writing about the CSA this week. I did use the mini-squash I got for dinner last night. I made Ratatouille. It’s really so simple. My version: saute a few smashed garlic cloves in olive oil. Add diced onions. Keep stirring while you’re dicing eggplant, zucchini, and a few plum tomatoes. Add them to the pan and saute until just soft. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and basil. You can add some tomato sauce if you like it saucier. Heat through and serve as a side or, like I did, over oven baked risotto with green beans and peas. It was a somewhat indulgent dinner because of the amount of carbs and lack of protein. But the abundance of fresh veggies made up for it.

I have a nice escarole, half a head of cabbage, and some broccoli in the fridge (not to mention those beets!) that are waiting to be called into service. One of them will have to step forward for tonight’s dinner. Thinking the cabbage could make a great slaw to go with the flounder I’m making. Gotta do a little research on that but it sounds like a plan.

June 24

Made Pretty Chopped Slaw with the cabbage last night. Definitely a keeper.

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