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Week 6: Garlic Scapes & Fava Beans

Just got off the phone with my sister. She’s my personal CSA encyclopedia! We both belong to the Genesis Farms community supported garden. She’s been doing this much longer than I have so she’s my “go to” person when I don’t know what the heck that vegetable is that came in the weekly great big bag of goodies.

This week I’ve been introduced to garlic scapes—a pigtail-like green stalk that’s a gourmet favorite. A quick scan of the internet tells me they can be made into pesto, steamed or roasted like asparagus or used in a stir fry. So, there’s some culinary experimentation in my near future.

And, the long awaited fava beans that my sister raves about every year. She sautés them with a little garlic and oil, adds some mint and serves over pasta. That’s a bit different. Worth a try.

There are more greens destined for salad, a zucchini to be grilled, some broccoli, another cabbage, and snow peas. I’ll be sure to update with some more details about how I used these wonderful veggies.

June 29

Last night we had NJ BBQ Ribs with my version of Bubble and Squeak (using smashed red potatoes, carmelized onions, and shredded sauted cabbage plus some herbs). And, then, tonight I made Escarole & Pasta - sauted escarole, tomatoes, chicken broth over gluten-free pasta and topped with Tiny Turkey Meatballs. Perfect! Recipes to come.

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