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A Hand for Haiti: Celiac Teen's E-Book for Haiti Relief

The world has responded passionately & generously to the people of Haiti in response to the crisis they’re experiencing as a result of last month’s earthquake. Each person, community, country or group has given what they can—prayers, time, skills, money and more. Amidst so much despair we’re all trying to infuse a glimmer of hope for Haitains in need.

The response has been immediate. But, their need will go on for a very long time. It’s never too late to contribute whatever you can to this cause.

One special young lady—Lauren of Celiac Teen—has enlisted the help of people across the worldwide web to contribute recipes she then compiled into an e-book—A Hand for Haiti. The e-book is now being sold and all the proceeds will be donated to this cause.

I’d like to tell you all about how many people contributed, the number of recipes, matching contributions…and so much more. But, it’s better if Lauren tells you herself.

So, please, visit Lauren’s site—Celiac Teen—and get acquainted with her. Consider buying the e-book. It will be a few minutes and a few dollars well spent.

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